mulderhatesqueequeg said: I’m actually glad he kept it!

why? :/ I have my reasons but I’d like to read yours.

mulderhatesqueequeg said:well because it shows that they parted on amicable terms. Why aren’t you happy about it? Unless I am missing out on something?

oh good. I know what you mean and I agree partly. I just don’t like it because of it’s meaning it’s connected to her. My dislike for this woman it’s not a secret. lol 

"Those characters are forever searching… even if we’re not watching them, they’re out there, in some dimension. Mulder and Scully are still doing their thing, because that’s their nature.” - David Duchovny

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He pointed at it and said, ‘Is that you?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’ He was like ‘Oh’ and put it back into the drawer.

Gillian Anderson, on Felix’s unimpressed reaction when finding an X Files boxset. (via eelslut)