Phile Forever (It's why I fell in love with you)

I'm Elena, 25, from Greece.
X-Files is my obsession, Mulder&Scully shipper, in love with David Duchovny.. Gillian Anderson big fan, also love Friends, Grey's Anatomy, The Nanny, Στο παρα 5, Hannibal, Crisis.

Γιαννης Πλουταρχος, Ελενα Παπαριζου, Αdele and many more..

WE WANT X-FILES 3 MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!


For you that are going to meet&talk to Gillian at Comic cons:

PLEASE don’t ask her the same old questions, find something new and smart thing to ask her so you don’t make her feel uncomfortable and embarrassing or angry…

So, at least avoid to ask her these following guestions: 

  1. About her accent( I mean, she has explaining it THOUSANDS Times)
  2. Her teenage/school years - her arrest on prom night
  3. (very)Personal questions
  4. Whether XF3 will happen or not (She doesn’t know anything  new to say about it)
  5. DON’T ASK FOR A HUG, you know you’re not gonna take it
  6. Rumors about you know who…  
  7. Don’t mention Fanfiction..!!!  

I hope most of you understand and you got the point of this post, I mean COME ON guys, haven’t you get tired of asking/hearing the same stuff?? You got a great a chance to learn so many new things for her, USE IT PROPERLY!!!

Sunday, 28 - 04 - 2013

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  1. somuchmorethanthis said: Most of those happened in the last q&a, I doubt they’d happen again. The only one I can see being asked is XF3
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